Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today is my Birthday!

I turned 49 today.  It was another busy day but not as busy as yesterday.  I spent most of the day completing a TEFL assignment and I submitted my Practicum documents.  One more assignment to complete, due Thursday, and I will be finished with my TEFL certification course.  The past eleven weeks have flown by. 

I did take a break from studying to have lunch at Chili's.  I had the ribs and fries.  So very delicious and the perfect birthday meal. 

Just finished paying bills and going through receipts.  Getting ready to relax and have a beverage or two! I see the hot tub in my future too!!

This is my last week at Rollins.  I am retiring on Thursday, October 31.  Does not seem real at the moment.  I guess it will all hit me Thursday.  After that the work of a different type begins.  I will go through every room in the house and decide whether to keep things, sell things, donate things, or toss them. 

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