Thursday, November 7, 2013

So far so good...

It's been a few days since I posted anything so I thought I better get you caught up.  The past week has been nothing but packing and moving to the temporary apartment.  I never knew how much stuff I had until I had to go through it all.  I have moved a lot over in my MINI but each time I go back to the house it looks as if I have done nothing.  Oh well, I will keep at it.  Will move the big pieces over this weekend.  Closing on the house is 11/15 at 9am.  Excited and ready to move forward.

Got the official word from the International TEFL Academy that I am all done with my certification and that I received an "A".  It was a lot of work but it is all behind me now.

Thought about observing "Movember" and growing a beard and mustache.  My facial hair was so white that it made me look older and tired.  So, this morning I thought I would try something different.  A pic will be posted below. 

I have already met a few of my new neighbors at the apartment complex.  They all seem nice.  I just wonder what type of work they do since they are always matter what time of day.  Maybe they are all retired too???

Gotta get back to unpacking now.  Just wanted to check in to let you know all is well.

As promised, here is the pic... (forgot to mention that I cut all my hair off too)!


  1. You look so much younger since you retired. I know it's not possible but you do.

  2. Thanks! There is life after Rollins. A stress free life!