Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Porto, Portugal

It's been a while since I've posted to my blog.  Sorry about that.  Life happened!

In August of 2016 Mike and I visited our good friends Bill and Barbara Wolfe in Porto, Portugal.  We met them in Cuenca while living in the same building.  I miss them very much.  Very nice and sincere people. 

Our first day there Bill and Barbara treated us to lunch at their favorite outside fish restaurant.  The fish was as fresh as it gets.  We selected the ones we wanted and watched as they were grilled it right in front of us!

Potatoes and cabbage were included.

Sites around the beach.

Of course we had to stop for a beverage.

Sites of the city.

The bookstore that inspired the Harry Potter books.

A local market.

Much to my surprise there was a Papabubble location in Porto.  As an added treat we were able to watch as a fresh batch of candy was being made.

 The train station in Porto.

Barbara will be upset that I posted this but it is a great fun memory.  Gazpacho accident!

One day we took the train to Portugal wine country.  Very beautiful.  The climate was hot and dry.

Lunch along the river.

Another meal at Bill and Barbara's.  Simple, but satisfying.

You know we had to stop and have a meal at a McDonald's in Porto.  Interesting décor.

More sites of Porto.

Sorry the pictures are out of order.  This is the day of our arrival.  A nice meal had been prepared to greet us.

My favorite and a signature dish of Porto, FRANCESINHA

More sites of Porto.

A trip to Porto would not be complete without visiting one of the many Port producers.

Cable car back to the main bridge over to the city.

My favorite bar!

The éclairs and espresso were excellent.

On our way to Atlanta we stopped in Madrid, Spain for a day.

What better way to end a vacation than with champagne in First Class!

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