Monday, December 28, 2015

Pase del Nino describes Cuenca's annual Pase del Nino parade as "It's whacky, wild and it's sacred. It's Cuenca's largest event of the year and it heads down Simon Bolivar in the historic district beginning at 10 [Christmas Eve] morning. The annual Pase del NiƱo parade features more than 15,000 participants riding on 600 floats, 400 horses, with many more on foot. The event, which honors the birth of the Christ child, combines indigenous and Catholic symbolism, often in very strange ways. Don't miss it!"

Finally, after two years, we were able to view the best Christmas parade I have ever seen, along with about 100,000 other locals and tourists. This year, the parade lasted for ten hours.  About two hours longer than usual, we were told.  Perfect weather and wonderful friends to hang out with made it the highlight of my year.  The pictures will explain what took place better than I ever could.  Enjoy!

That is just a small sample of the pictures that I took that day.  I hope you enjoyed them.  It was well worth the two year wait!