Friday, December 27, 2013

First package sent.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas.  I did.  Mike and I drove up to Cornelia to spend Christmas with my mother, sister, and nephew.  We exchanged and opened presents the moment we got there.  Isaiah is ten years old so he gets very excited about opening gifts. After opening presents we had a wonderful lunch prepared by my mother.  She is the best cook and always makes sure she has everyone's favorites.  She served a turkey that she prepared in the crockpot.  It was so moist and delicious.  And, there was macaroni and cheese, green beans, roasted brussels sprouts, dressing, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce, ambrosia, pecan pie, brownies (prepared by Isaiah) and a chocolate chip cookie cake.  I'm sure I left something out.  While there Isaiah decided to cook some cornbread for us.  Who knows...he may grow up to be a famous chef!  How fun would that be?

The first package is being sent via FedEx today to Ecuador.  I boxed up blankets, clothes, and a pair of sandals.  This is a test shipment to make sure it actually gets there and that nothing is missing.  I will let you know if it is a success or not.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Yesterday, I posted a message on expressing my interest in an English teaching job in Cuenca.  My e-mail has blown up with responses.  I'm retired but I refuse to sit around the house all day.  I figured I would get bored after six months and would want to teach/tutor part time.  It appears, that if I choose to, I could get a full-time teaching job almost immediately.  I already have an interview set up with one language school.  Just four or five months ago I never dreamed that I would give up a twenty-two year career in Accounting and move to South America to teach English as a foreign language.  Life is full of surprises.  I am glad that God gave me the intelligence and guts to do such a thing!