Friday, January 3, 2014

St. Simons Island

Happy New Year to you.  I am currently on St. Simons Island with Mike and we are visiting with his sisters and friends before we head off to Ecuador on Tuesday.  As is always the case, it rained on the trip down which makes for a stressful drive.  Getting dark at 6:00 doesn't help either.  However,  I always enjoy our time here.  It is fun to hang out with everyone and have a few laughs.  I miss the hot tub at the old house but guess what...they have one here at the hotel.  Running out to get a swim suit in a few minutes.  It's nearly 11:00 and I am actually still in the bed.  Well I have showered and partially dressed.  Just being lazy!  Guess I better go out and enjoy the day.  It's cold but sunny.

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