Friday, January 17, 2014

Immigration Day

Today was our appointment with immigration.  The first thing we had to do was stop at the Notary office to have all of our documents notarized.  Afterwards, we walked down the street a bit to have photos made that were then attached to our application for permanent residency.  Next stop was the Immigration office.  Here we had to take a number and wait a while to be cleared by the police.  Once cleared we had to get back in line, take a number, and wait again.  When our number came up our immigration advisor submitted our application for residency.  We then had another picture taken and we were on our way.  This may sound simple but I am leaving a few details of the day out.  Let's just say it was hectic.  It was nine hours from the time we left this morning until the time we returned to the hotel.  We are tired.

Now we wait for approval.  The approval process may take seven to ten days.  So, we are flying tomorrow night to Cuenca.  Cuenca is where we have our apartment and where we will be living.  The only issue is we have no furniture.  Tomorrow night we may stay in a Hostal and then go shopping for a bed on Sunday.

When we receive approval we will have to surrender our passports which means we cannot fly.  We will then take the ten hour bus ride back to Quito to receive our visas and cedulas.  When we have those two things we will then officially be permanent residents of Ecuador. 

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